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"ASL Lecce", ISBEM and ClinOpsHub launch CERICSAL, a new Clinical Trial Center

Clinical Research plays an essential role in the promotion of public health by making innovative medicines and medical devices available for patients.

Clinical trials are beneficial not only for patients (they get access to new therapeutic options), but also for the National Health System (all trial-related costs are covered by the Sponsor) and healthcare units (they receive money from the Sponsor to cover the costs of study-specific tests and procedures for each enrolled patient).

Acting on the belief that investments in Clinical Research represent a valuable opportunity for the development of the local area, in 2020 “Istituto Scientifico Biomedico Euro Mediterraneo”, ISBEM (Mesagne, Brindisi), ClinOpsHub CRO (Mesagne, Brindisi) and “Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Lecce” founded the Clinical Trial Center CERICSAL (CEntro RIcerca Clinica SALentino), located in “Veris Delli Ponti” Hospital (Scorrano, Lecce).

Eight different clinical units (Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Microbiology, Anesthetics and Intensive Care, Otolaryngology and Pediatrics) joined the project, which aims at improving the involvement of “Azienda Sanitaria di Lecce” in clinical research programs, thus offering new experimental treatments to patients locally. Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, ClinOpsHub CRO and ISBEM will support the institution in the management of clinical trials.

On March 16, 2021 the first of a three-session online training, “The ABC of Clinical Research: ethics, main actors and clinical trial management”, took place with the participation of physicians and other healthcare professionals of “Azienda Sanitaria di Lecce”.

For some of the participants it was the first opportunity to deepen their knowledge about Clinical Research. Off to a great start for a newborn project!

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