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Established in 2014, ClinOpsHub is a Contract Research Organization founded by Stefano Lagravinese (PhD) in Puglia Italy. 

The CRO is self-certified to AIFA from 2019 as it meets the minimum requirements foreseen by the Italian decree 15/11/2011 (CRO decree).

ClinOpsHub operates thanks to a quality management system that complies with the Good Clinical Practices (GCPs), local and international regulatory requirements and company policy.


All ClinOpsHub team members are properly trained on SOPs according to the functions they perform and comply to the requirements of the Italian DM 15/11/2011 for their activities as Quality Assurance, Auditor and Clinical Research Associate personnel.


"It all started while I just got out of University and started my career as a CRA. I noticed that there was a lack of information and training on clinical research. Italian law is very stringent regarding the requirements that a professional monitor must have to start working in a CRO and which he/she must maintain. So I began a training academy, called “The CRA Mission” (Missione CRA) way back in 2013 in partnership with another CRO. We offered 4 courses per year in different Italian locations (Bologna, Rome, Milan and Mesagne). Students were very satisfied and word of mouth got out that, with the certificate resulting from this training, a job was much easier to land! It wasn’t only about the certificate, but much more about the knowledge one would acquire about the pharma and clinical trial world.  In the meantime, ClinOpsHub’s staff continued growing and in 2019 the company was able to get self-certified as a CRO on the Italian territory.

Since then, we started a new academy - The Clinical Research Academy aimed at allowing clinical research professionals to be continuously updated and to maintain their requirements in terms of training. Currently Mission CRA went online because of the pandemic. Today with our Academies we have trained over 10,000 people from the most different backgrounds: biologists, biotechnologists, pharmacists, nurses, physicians. This means that our network has become quite vast and varied. 

In hindsight, I should have called the academy “Mission Not-Only CRA”, because all sorts of professionalisms have developed after taking the course: study coordinators, CPAs, CTAs, Quality Assurance Managers, Auditors and so on. 

In 2021 we set up our Phase 1 Academy program and Quality Assurance and Auditing services. ClinOpsHub supports more than 25 Phase 1 Units by providing Quality Assurance services, qualified GCP Auditors or necessary theoretical clinical research training.

In the meantime we have started partnerships in other areas too, such as patient recruitment and retention and clinical trial submissions services.

In 2022 we partnered up with another Italian CRO from Milan in order to be able to offer a full clinical operations services: InRes was born!

Always growing and expanding, we are excited to see where the future will take us!"

Stefano Lagravinese
CEO and founder of ClinOpsHub

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