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On October 18th in Mesagne (Brindisi-ITALY) "In Res Consulting" was established.

Aggiornamento: 7 nov 2022

In Res (Innovative Research) Consulting is a network of companies formed through the union of ClinOpsHub Srl and CD Pharma Group Srl to combine expertise, vision and innovation in support of clinical research.

An organizational model that enhances the synergies between the two companies and thus provides a larger structure with over 40 professionals with an elevated level of expertise, able to guide and accompany customers successfully through their projects.

ClinOpsHub Srl ( is a CRO focused on training specialized resources in the Clinical Research sector and on Quality Assurance and Auditing services for Phase 1 Experimental Centers and Clinical Trial Centers.

CD Pharma Group Srl ( has been involved in collaborations with Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies with its two divisions, CRO and Consulting for over 15 years.

In Res Consulting offers a wider range of services and strategic, managerial and operational flexibility, to support pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, universities and start-ups through customized strategies focusing on innovation in clinical research.

Stefano Lagravinese and Fabio Giordano

Founders of "In Res Consulting"

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