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RES.T.O. Salentino - ClinOpsHub’s New Industrial PhD Project with Unisalento

The Puglia region is now experiencing an incredible development even at a European level and being an active part of this change can provide the necessary energy to do more and better.

This is what ClinOpsHub Srl is doing. A contract research organization based in Mesagne (BR), in the south of Italy, that manages clinical trials of drugs and medical devices, offering quality services and training in clinical research.

It is the second consecutive year that ClinOpsHub, in the person of its Founder and Scientific Director Stefano Lagravinese, gives the opportunity to young people to realize industrial doctorates aimed at connecting businesses with university and to put into practice innovative ideas by helping the University of Salento to explore clinical research topics.

In this regard, on 16th December, the Rector of the University of Salento, professor Fabio Pollice, announced a day dedicated to innovative projects for the year 2022-2023. With an eye to the future, Unisalento, funded by local companies, reaffirmed the importance and usefulness of collaborations for the exponential growth of the Puglia region at a European and world level.

On this occasion, Manuela Taurisano, a young Pharmacy graduate at the University of Ferrara, presented her industrial doctoral project "RES.T.O Salentino", Registry of Chronic Pathologies of Salento area, born from the idea of mapping and characterising pediatric patients from the Pulia region who suffer from a specific group of rheumatological pathologies in an especially designed register, thanks to the essential support of Dr Adele Civino, Director of the Department of Rheumatology and Pediatric Immunology of “Vito Fazzi” Hospital of Lecce.

The idea raised a lot of interest because it foresees the introduction of an important tool for clinical, diagnostic and epidemiological evaluation of rheumatological diseases which are widespread among Apulian children.

In a few months ClinOpsHub Srl will fund a new industrial doctoral grant. You can send your applications and learn more at the email address

In the photo from left to right: The Magnificent Rector Prof. Fabio Pollice, PhD student Manuela Taurisano and Stefano Lagravinese PhD, director and founder of the CRO ClinOpsHub.

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