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Book presentation: “Theoremata medica et philosophica”

On Saturday the 13th July, at 19:00, at the Castello Normanno Svevo di Mesagne, Dr. Amedeo Elio Distante, a surgeon and pediatric specialist, will present a paper on the book “Teoremi Medici e Filosofici”. This work comprises a translation and interpretation of the 17th-century masterpiece “Theoremata medica et philosophica”, by the Mesagne-born physician and philosopher Epifanio Ferdinando. The book's content will be elucidated by Alfredo Musajo Somma, a plastic surgeon and Professor of Medical History at the University of Bari "Aldo Moro".


The event will feature contributions from Alessandro Distante, Fortunato Sconosciuto, with institutional greetings from the Mayor of Mesagne Antonio Matarrelli, and the Director-General of the Puglia Region's Department of Culture, Aldo Patruno. The proceedings will be moderated by the journalist Cosimo Saracino.


ClinOpsHub is proudly sponsoring this event in order to confirm our commitment to supporting the community and fostering innovation and culture.


For this reason our CEO Stefano Lagravinese will have an introductory speech to the event, that is also supported by local and regional entities.


All attendees will be granted free admission.

The event will be live-streamed on the Facebook page of the local Mesagne news outlet, "QuiMesagne”.


The book will be available for purchase at the event and online.

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